Hi, I'm Shahin

I work to create complex web applications into
beautiful user experiences.

Recent Projects

Linxio - Vehicle Tracking Apps

Festa - Event Apps

MediCare - Doctor Booking Apps

Proptia - Visitors Management

InvoPay - Invoice Management App

Hrlink - HR Management System

Linxio - Vehicle Tracking System

DataTech - CRM Mobile Apps

Ultravioletsim - IoT systems

GBL - Complaint Management

MediCare - Doctor Booking Website

Antler - Payroll SaaS Application

CityMed - Medical Management

Speed Mail - Mailbox Mobile Apps


What type of project do you need help with?

Digital Product

Over the past decade, I designed and helped scale many web applications, focusing on projects related to SaaS and Tech.


Responsive design is a must these days, and over the years, I designed several iOS apps and mobile responsive sites.


Want to improve your website sales, increase conversions, or start a new online project? I can help with any of the above.

Personal Stories